9 reasons why I fist-bump

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Responses varying from “Thats cool – I love it” to “What’s that – Sure I will give a shot”  and the very occasional “That’s weird – I am not going to do that” are some of the things I hear when I go for a fist bump.

I recently met Asad at TEDxWaterloo, one of the lead organizers at TEDxQueens. Some of you may already know that I helped out with TEDxUW last year so, apart from having TEDx in common, I found out that we both fist bump when we meet people.

We started talking about why we do it and some of the people whom we have fist bumped and I thought I would make a slightly humorous post about it. So here we go:

1.    It’s cool, that’s why
2.    It’s much more sanitary than a handshake especially during winter and the flu seasons
3.    It is a great conversation starter
4.    It shows that you are friendly, bold and slightly crazy at the same time
5.    I tend to have sweaty palms
6.    Handshakes are so old school, time to stir things up for the newer generation
7.    Some famous people non- sports you might know – Obama and Dalai Lama love doing it
8.    Guess who people are going to remember?
9.    When you do it to old people, they feel part of your crowd. One elderly gentemen even told me that he feels a bit younger having done it.

Also, check out this hilarious video on fist bump etiquette

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