Who am I?

My name is Sharath. I like to fist bump instead of hand shakes, studied Engineering and Knowledge Integration @uWaterloo and really passionate about design, social entrepreneurship, building new things. This blog is about jotting down some of my thoughts, my fascination for design and some of my crazy adventures.

I am a hyper active person who tries to do several things at once; such as taking six courses, building a museum exhibition, running a community organization, playing in the intramurals and doing some intense workouts.  In the past I have started few of my own ventures, helped run a TED event and lead a global team in war’s (fine not real wars but, cyber-wars).

I run fast, talk fast and eat really fast! Overall, I derive immense satisfaction when people  around me are happy. When I am not fooling around with tech, I play squash, table tennis and run.  I am currently doing some interesting work in the Life Sciences space building digital products for Medical Doctors/ Reviewers.

One of my favorite quote is by the late poet Avvaiyar which says, “What you have learned is a mere handful but, what you have yet to learn is the size of the world itself”. Whatever we learn in this world, there is literally limitless things yet to be learned. In this aspect we are forever students, forever dreamers trying to attain knowledge little at a time.

I wanted to chronicle my thoughts, my successes and failures( and there is quite a few) by writing and sharing it with the world. By that, I hope to help or even change a few lives in the process. To be frank with you, I am afraid terrified of writing but, a wise man once said, the road less traveled made all the difference. You might ask what exactly here is the road less traveled. I am trying to discover the world, knowledge and ultimately myself and hope to make the world a better place one day at a time.