Financial Aid

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Federal student loans take this into account by offering payment plans determined by borrowers earnings. Student loan borrowers may agree to either fixed payments or payment plans that vary each month, which together mean that they can make payments without penalty for nine or ten years, depending on the plan. It’s important to understand that […]

The gratitude list

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8 months ago, on a lovely February afternoon, I first heard about the gratitude list from a friend. She revealed to me that every single night without fail, she would write down one thing that she is grateful for and add it to a jar by her bedside. I was so  intrigued by the idea […]

Human Redesign Part 2

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A few years ago, I was introduced P90x and it made a huge impact on my life. Over the next few years, I found myself gradually getting more occupied with other things and fitness took a back seat. I tried to keep up with some workout videos but felt myself losing motivation, often giving up […]

KIX Museum Exhibition 2013 Review

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KIX stands for Knowledge Integration Museum Exhibition. It’s a yearly project culminating in an exhibition. To learn more about the exhibition course or to check out last years museum review click here. This year, there were 4 exhibitions and a Meta exhibit (a showcase of behind the scenes work and information on the exhibition course) 1. Value: […]

Redesigning my resume using design thinking

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In my last work term with SAP, I went through a workshop exercise to solve the challenge of job search using Design Thinking. The objective of the exercise was to find out how one could make themselves better suited for future employment. This was particularly valuable for someone like me who is currently looking for […]

What is your EDGE?

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I recently attended the TEDxUW 2012 conference. The theme for this year’s conference was EDGE. The speakers – ranging from Olympic medalist winner, stutterer turned award winning orator to indie music artist who made herself a niche in the web – talked about what that EDGE meant to them. Of course, this so-called EDGE would […]

SAP apphaus: A new kind of workplace

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When I heard the word “apphaus” for the first time, I definitely didn’t know what to expect. To find out more, I attended what was a very unusual job info session at Waterloo. By unusual I mean, not the typical “look how great our company is!” or “here is what we have achieved so far.” […]

Part time student, full time dreamer

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“Part time student, full time dreamer” is my online tagline. I have received some great feedback and occasionally, a bit of on the side of caution from a few friends from “Isn’t that a wrong statement since you are a full time student”, and if you are a “full time dreamer” wouldn’t it  imply that you are […]

9 reasons why I fist-bump

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Responses varying from “Thats cool – I love it” to “What’s that – Sure I will give a shot”  and the very occasional “That’s weird – I am not going to do that” are some of the things I hear when I go for a fist bump. I recently met Asad at TEDxWaterloo, one of […]

Motivation and Beauty

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I had been pondering over a topic for the past several months: Intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation. I recently saw this great talk on intrinsic and extrinsic beauty and I immediately knew what I had to do next. Motivation I am usually a very extrinsically motivated person. Most people are motivated by various extrinsic reasons. For example, I […]

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