Part time student, full time dreamer

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“Part time student, full time dreamer” is my online tagline. I have received some great feedback and occasionally, a bit of on the side of caution from a few friends from “Isn’t that a wrong statement since you are a full time student”, and if you are a “full time dreamer” wouldn’t it  imply that you are […]

9 reasons why I fist-bump

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Responses varying from “Thats cool – I love it” to “What’s that – Sure I will give a shot”  and the very occasional “That’s weird – I am not going to do that” are some of the things I hear when I go for a fist bump. I recently met Asad at TEDxWaterloo, one of […]

My 2011 Summer Adventures

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Came across a list of things that I did last summer, when I was sifting through my old stuff. Some of the really cool things that I did for the Summer of 2011 – One of the best summers of my life! 1. Interned at Desire2Learn as a Product Designer in the User Experience team. Worked on 6 […]