Comic Connections C

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Comic connections c

Why you should not talk to the cops!

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This talk was presented as part of my persuasive speech for my speech communication class. It is directly inspired from a speech given by law professor James Duane .

New Design

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Hi, Welcome to my brand new site. I have been tinkering, learning and implementing the new design for a while. I am really excited to be finally done. A few areas still need to be tweaked but for the most part, the design is where I wanted it to be. Now for the comparison : […]

INTEG 120 Connections B

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An interactive comparison that I had created between a Knowledge Integration student, a dragon and a zombie. The grid accordion has been adapted from Chris Coyier one of my favorite designers. View Demo

Quality of right evidence

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Advancement in science is an iterative process; a theory is proposed upon certain observations, then experiments are conducted to validate its authenticity. Most of the time, this step is followed by going back to the drawing board and redoing the experiments again. After all these years of practise, learning new and complex field of science […]

To falsify or not to falsify

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Science has made tremendous developments in the last 300 years. With every 25 year increments providing a giant leap further to advance our knowledge about our world and nature of our being. The last century alone gave rise to several new radical fields of science such as theoretical physics, astrobiology. Karl Popper, a philosopher of […]

Neuro-Perception -Waht?

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The brain serves as a good example of the Pareto principle, which states that 80% of an effect arises from 20% of the issue surrounding it; the 20% mass of brain tissue we have controls the reactions and perceptions of the other 80% of our being (except the heart but who is complaining). The field […]

What is Knowledge Integration?

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A talk about the program knowledge integration(KI) . This was my first, out of series of talks that I had delivered for my Speech Communication class.

The little things that matter

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A speech I gave for House of Friendship Christmas dinner party to an audience of over 160 people.

What university is really about

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University life, like any period in your life, is filled with both joys and sorrows. You need to come to the realization that you are not in high school anymore and that realization will become your key to succeed and achieve happiness in your university life.

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