Part time student, full time dreamer

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“Part time student, full time dreamer” is my online tagline. I have received some great feedback and occasionally, a bit of on the side of caution from a few friends from “Isn’t that a wrong statement since you are a full time student”, and if you are a “full time dreamer” wouldn’t it  imply that you are not a doer? Both are very valid statement and I hope to maybe clear some things in the post.

I briefly talk about one of my favorite quotes in my About page by the late Tamil poet, Avvaiyar which says “Katrathu Kai Mann Alavu, Kallathathu Ulagalavu”  which when translated says “What you have learned in this world is a mere handful but, what you have yet to learn is the size of the world itself”.

How much ever we learn in this world, there are limitless other things to be learned. In this aspect we are forever students, forever dreamers trying to attain a tiny bit of knowledge one at a time.  Learning in my opinion never ceases to stop, learning is a life long journey. Hence, I am referring to myself as a Part time student of the world.

Additionally, even though I am currently a full time student, I spend a lot of my time in extra curricular activities, than my core courses. I strongly believe that we learn a quite a bit outside the classroom than from inside. The inside of the classroom is a mere direction on how to learn, the rest we do it by ourselves. The biggest thing, one can learn in higher education is to figure things out by ourselves and, ultimately the goal is to figure out how to live a happy and content life. At least  it is for me and of course to build awesome things.

The second part of  my tagline says “full time dreamer”. What I am referring to here is my mind that is constantly thinking about what is right, what  is wrong and how to continue doing the right and think of ways to improve upon the wrong. I do not usually get involved with something, but, when I am, I am 100% into it.

Nothing explains this better than this tweet of mine that I made during TEDxUW.

So, in an essence I am a dreamer, who dreams about the problem, who sometimes dreams the solution,who dreams about the way things are and finally dreams up a way to do things even better. And I, finally wake up in morning to do it.

Hence the phrase – “Part time student, full time dreamer”

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