an ioS app that helps revolutionize how humanity interacts with biodiversity

BOLD app was recently featured in the Fastcompany and Forbes.

BOLD is a truly interdisciplinary project that saw SAP designers, engineers and product managers collaborate with with bioinformatics experts from the University of Guelph. The goal was to build a mobile app that helps with the process of identifying any species that are known (and unknown) to mankind.

Took preliminary designs and user research conducted by the previous designer and used that as a starting point. Collaborated closely with the team to create the information architecture, design language and finally to create high-fidelity wire frames for the app.

Conducted user testing, user interviews and usability testing to test our hypothesis throughout the course of the app. Collaborated closely with developers, product managers, business analysts and bioinformatics experts to create an easy to use and delightful user experience for the app.

Successfully iterated within the tight time frames given to design and build the app with an awesome team. We used Agile, scrum and design thinking principles for the course of this project.

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