• mobile design

4  students, 90 days and 1 kickass mobile app

Designed and helped build a kick-ass iPhone sports app from scratch in 90 days, using design thinking, agile methodologies while working in a multidisciplinary team. 

User Research
Conducted and integrated feedback from user research throughout the course of the project from various sources: Talking to fans around the Rogers Stadium, developers, UX designers, hardcore sports fans, iPhone users and users who have never owned a smartphone. A key skill that enabled me to gather key insights from my various user research was empathy.

Defined and designed use cases, workflows, information architecture and storyboards describing how the user would interact with the application using Balsamiq and Omnigraffle.

Low/Hi Fi Prototyping
Made an initial prototype using paper, whiteboard and then rapidly iterated using Balsamiq, a low-fi rapid prototyping tool and then taught myself Omnigraffle over a weekend to transform all the interaction designs into a higher fidelity prototype which was then iterated several times before handing it off to the visual designers.

Management and Testing
In addition to the design, I assumed the role of scrum master and lead QA tester, which occupied the majority of my time for the latter part of the development.

Led team demos to our internal and external stakeholders and product owners. In addition, I presented an overview on various UX design software such as Balsamiq, Omnigraffle to the department (30+ people), on the pros and cons of each and a few examples of how to develop using them.