Using a VPN to stream Netflix

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Simply put, choosing the right VPN for you might mean paying for one-time costs or monthly subscription fees in order to access your favorite movies and TV shows. While you should read the fine print before you buy a VPN and make sure that you know exactly what it’s worth before making any significant purchases, there are a number of VPN services that work well for Netflix subscribers, and the great news is that many of them are very affordable. But of course, please make sure to actually understand what is a VPN before making your purchase.

How to Use a VPN to Watch Netflix From Other Countries | PCMag

Is a VPN really needed for Netflix?

VPNs are good for Netflix, and we don’t know about you, but we don’t want to sit through all the commercials while we watch the latest episode of Orange is the New Black. When it comes to Netflix, however, VPNs aren’t necessarily needed in order to watch a film or television show.

Since it’s a subscription service that has just recently launched in the United States, Netflix is still figuring out exactly what it will accept as “P2P content” which essentially means any streaming video files from other providers that are already on its platform, but there are definitely some legal limits on what content Netflix can accept. If your Netflix account has a large enough set of movies, you can watch these movies as many times as you like, so that will help Netflix-familiarize its new users.

The key difference between Netflix and Hulu’s video platform is that Netflix has a highly-paid content licensing team that keeps a close eye on its content. It also has a new marketing and customer service team that responds to feedback within days, so Netflix has plenty of time to test out whether or not any change in its relationship with its service provider could take a toll on viewership.

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